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There is a problem with the plasmid I received.

We apologize if you have been having problems with one of our plasmids.

As a repository, we are unable to functionally test the plasmids we distribute and cannot troubleshoot problems with protein expression, transfection, etc. We recommend consulting the publication associated with this plasmid for additional information.

We will be happy to address any DNA sequence integrity concerns that you might have. Please send one of the following to Either:

  • the results from your diagnostic restriction digest of the plasmid. This includes:
    • labelled DNA ladder bands with molecular sizes on the gel image OR comprehensive ladder/marker information
    • cut and uncut samples


  • the results from your plasmid sequencing. This includes:
    • your sequence results, including the trace file (chromatogram, .ab1)
    • the sequence of the primer(s) you used
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