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Report a problem with a plasmid

We apologize if you have experienced an issue using a plasmid that you received from Addgene.


As a non-profit plasmid repository, we are unable to functionally test the plasmids we distribute and cannot troubleshoot problems with transfection, protein expression, or other functional issues. We recommend consulting the publication associated with the plasmid for additional information.


We will be happy to address any DNA sequence integrity concerns that you might have. Please send an email to and include the following information:

  1. Addgene order number
  2. Addgene plasmid ID number
  3. Data demonstrating the DNA sequence issue. This can be either a digest or a sequencing result.

For a diagnostic restriction digest of the plasmid, please include

  • DNA ladder with band sizes labeled
  • Digested sample labeled with the enzyme(s) used
  • Undigested sample

For a sequencing result, please include

  • The .ab1 file (also called a trace file or chromatogram)
  • The sequence of the primer used to obtain the result


We will check our stock of the plasmid and respond as soon as possible.

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