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What services does Addgene provide?

Addgene is a nonprofit repository that helps scientists share plasmids (including pooled libraries and kits) with other researchers around the world. In 2016, Addgene also began distributing viral preparations generated from plasmids deposited with Addgene. Plasmids are deposited with our repository by both nonprofit and industry laboratories. They are then put through our quality control sequence analysis and legal processes, after which they can be distributed to other scientists. Addgene also serves as an educational resource to the scientific community through our blog, protocols, and molecular biology reference.


As a repository, Addgene distributes and maintains this collection, but does not perform cloning, vector modification, or conduct any experiments with these plasmids, such as functional analyses. Addgene also does not distribute cell lines, antibodies, or perform DNA sequencing as a service.

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