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How will my order be shipped?

Materials will be shipped as follows:

  • Plasmids: shipped as bacterial stabs at room temperature; stable for approximately 2-3 weeks in transit.
  • Pooled Libraries: shipped as tubes of liquid DNA on blue ice; viable for approximately 2-3 weeks in transit, even at room temperature.
  • Plate Kits: generally shipped as bacterial glycerol stocks on dry ice. Note: due to customs regulations, kits may need to be shipped at room temperature for certain international locations.
  • Viruses and virus associated DNA: shipped with enough dry ice to last 3-5 days in transit

Please note: Orders containing different material types will be shipped separately. You will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number for each shipment.

Addgene ships all orders from our facility in the United States, and the majority of orders ship through UPS via expedited service. For more information on transit times, please click here.

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