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How do I place an order? Does Addgene accept orders by fax, phone or email?

Addgene cannot fulfill orders sent via email, fax, or phone. All orders are processed according to the information entered through our online checkout process only.

All orders must be placed on our website by completing the following steps:  

  1. Login to your Addgene account. If you need to create an account, you can register here.
  2. Find the items you need in our online catalog and add them to your cart.
  3. Use our simple checkout process to complete your order online and enter payment information. You will be able to “Pay by PO” during checkout, where you can enter a Purchase Order number and your billing address for invoicing purposes. You will also have the option to pay by credit card instead if you prefer.
  4. After your order is placed, Addgene will email the required Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) to you or your institution's Technology Transfer Office. Check out a video tutorial of our MTA process here.
  5. Once Addgene receives and approves the signed MTAs, your order will be processed and shipped.

For detailed ordering instructions please watch our video below:

If you have trouble loading this video, please try viewing on YouTube.

0:00 - Intro
0:10 - Creating Your Account
0:57 - Browsing and Selection
1:59 - Checkout
3:54 - Closing

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