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How can I be notified when a plasmid from a specific lab or paper is available?

Use our Addgene Alert email notifications! If you have the name of the depositing laboratory, or the name of the corresponding author on a paper mentioning plasmids at Addgene, login to our website and search for the last name of the PI on our Addgene Alerts page.


If there is a match in the search results, click on the PI name to view the lab’s Addgene page and then click the Subscribe to Alerts link.


When a new plasmid from the lab becomes available, you will receive an automatic email notification from us! You can also sign up for an alert by gene name, and receive email notifications when a new plasmid containing the gene becomes available on our website.

Please remember that after a plasmid is received at Addgene, our quality control and legal paperwork processes require approximately 4-6 weeks to complete before the plasmid will be available for distribution.

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