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Searching for a plasmid in our repository

Addgene's website is designed to help you search our repository to find materials useful for your work. You can browse Addgene’s collection by using the search bar located in the upper right-hand corner of our homepage ( Please see the brief video below to quickly learn how to find materials in our repository!

When using the search bar, note that the search results will display all materials that match any of the keywords entered, so it’s usually best to start your search with only a single keyword. After running the search, the resulting page will display a list of the materials in our repository that might contain your element of interest. You can learn more about any of the materials in the list by clicking on the material name, which will direct you to an informational page specific to the material that you selected. If Addgene has full plasmid sequence for a material, the plasmid map will be displayed on the search page.

Note that the list of materials returned by your search can be further refined by using the “Show/hide additional search fields” option and/or the filters on the left-hand side of the page.

If you are looking primarily for informational content such as a publication or blog post, Addgene’s “Full Site Search” will display this type of material, in addition to any plasmids and virus that match your search criteria.

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