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How does Addgene create plasmid maps?

The plasmid maps and sequence visualizations displayed on our website are powered by GSL Biotech’s SnapGene Server software. SnapGene’s sequence viewer software uses a curated, growing database to annotate common plasmid features, such as genes, ORFs, tags, and promoters, in addition to identifying restriction enzymes and primers.

Sequences associated with the plasmids in Addgene's repository are varied, and may include a full plasmid sequence from the laboratory that created the plasmid, a full sequence obtained by Addgene using next generation sequencing technology, or partial plasmid sequences provided by the depositing laboratory or obtained by Addgene using traditional Sanger sequencing.

SnapGene generates an appropriate circular or linear map based on the sequences we have available, along with a visualization of the DNA sequence and tables listing restriction enzymes, features, and primers.

Images of plasmid maps and annotated sequence files in GenBank format or SnapGene’s .dna format (which can be read using the free SnapGene Viewer program) can be downloaded from Addgene's website.

For more information on our updated plasmid maps, please see our related blog article.


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