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How do I pay by bank transfer? (available for non-US customers only)

Please select the "Pay by Purchase Order" option during checkout to have an invoice sent to you or your institution. If your institution does not use PO numbers, you can enter your full name in the "P.O. Number" field. After your order ships, Addgene will send an invoice which will include banking details and instructions for bank transfer payment. Here are a few general guidelines for paying by bank transfer:

  • Remember to include in your bank wire transfer your Addgene order or invoice number. This number is important in identifying your incoming wire payment.
  • Addgene requests that your institution's finance department send an email to when the wire transfer has been processed. In the email, please include the institution name, Addgene's order or invoice number, the date of the wire transfer and the amount of the US Dollar payment.
  • It is the responsibility of your institution to pay all bank wire transfer fees. The bank wire transfer fee should not be deducted from the bank wire transfer payment to Addgene.
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