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How do I use my lab's Rewards Points?

For every 15 Rewards Points your lab accumulates, you can order one free plasmid from Addgene.

  • Shipping charges will still apply, but you can order as many free plasmids as your points allow.
  • Rewards Points cannot be used to purchase kits, libraries, or viral items, and are not available for industry customers.
  • Each lab will have a unique passcode, which can be found on the Rewards Points page of the Principal Investigator's account. Entering this Passcode will allow any member of the lab to redeem points.
  • The option to use your Rewards Points passcode will appear during the online checkout process for every order as long as your account is linked to the depositing PI’s Rewards Points account.Rewards_points_box_generic.png

Please note: You MUST enter your passcode during checkout. We cannot retroactively apply Rewards Point to an order that has already been placed. More detailed information can be found on our Rewards Points page. For any additional questions please contact

To learn more about the Rewards Points program, please see our article on Earning Rewards Points!

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