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I could not find a plasmid on Addgene’s website.

We apologize that you were unable to find the plasmid you were searching for in our repository.  Here are a few reasons why your plasmid may not be available at Addgene:

  1. If you are searching for a commercially available backbone vector, Addgene is not able to distribute unmodified plasmids that are licensed through commercial companies. You will need to contact the company directly to purchase the plasmid.
  2. If you read about a plasmid with an Addgene ID number in a publication, it is possible the plasmid is still undergoing our quality control process. Please contact and we can update you with the plasmid status. You can also sign up for our Addgene Alert email notifications. When a new plasmid from the lab becomes available, you will receive an automatic email notification from us!
  3. If you read about a plasmid in a publication and it did not have an Addgene ID number, it is possible the authors have not submitted the plasmid with Addgene. Please contact us at and we can try to obtain it for our repository by contacting the corresponding author. Please note that labs are under no obligation to deposit with Addgene. You also have the option to email the corresponding authors directly and request an aliquot, which could speed up the turnaround time.
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