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How do I place an order for an HHMI Investigator?

To place an order for an HHMI Investigator, you must follow these two steps:

  1. Associate your Addgene account with the Investigator’s university
  2. Check the “HHMI Investigator” box at checkout

Failure to complete both of these steps will delay your order.

1. Before you place an order for an Investigator, your Addgene account must be associated with the university where the Investigator is located, even though you may be located at one of HHMI’s campuses.

You can easily change your account’s organization by following these steps:

  • From our homepage, navigate to “My Account” at the top of the page, then select “Account Info. If you are not logged in, you can log in here.



  • Select “Update Account Information.”



  • Type in the name of the Investigator’s university or institution.
  • Begin the checkout process on our website



Note: there is also a link to the “Update Account Information” screen on the first page of checkout.



 2. Additionally, you will need to indicate that the end user is an HHMI Investigator by checking the “HHMI Investigator” box, located at the bottom of the first checkout page.account_5_edit.png


Failure to complete both of the steps above will cause legal documents to be generated incorrectly, leading to delays and confusion for the end user.



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