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Which countries can Addgene ship virus to?

Addgene's viral service can be shipped to many countries in the world.

Some countries have restrictions on particular aspects of viral shipping, including restrictions on dry ice, restrictions on fetal bovine serum (FBS), and restrictions on particular viral particles. To learn which materials Addgene is able to ship to your country, simply log in to your account and go to the material page for the item you are interested in. If there are restrictions for particular items in your country, you may encounter the following*:

  • If Addgene is unable to ship the item to your country, the Add to Cart button for that item will say "unavailable." 
  • If Addgene cannot use the default courier (UPS) due to dry ice restrictions, there will be a notification in your cart upon checkout. If another courier must be used (at a higher shipping cost), Addgene will contact you prior to shipping your order.

*Note that you must be logged into your account to see country-specific notifications on our shipping restrictions.

For questions on our ability to ship particular items, feel free to email

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