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Can I download a PDF version of my order's MTA?

(Note: this article is related to unapproved and unsigned MTAs, which can be accessed only after an order has been placed through our website. If you would like a copy of your order's MTA that has been approved and signed by your institution, please contact with your request.)


Addgene provides MTAs for our orders in an HTML format by default. While you cannot download a PDF version of your order's MTA directly from our website, most internet browsers give you the option to "print" the HTML page as a PDF. To do so, follow these steps:

1) Once you access your MTA, use the function in your internet browser to print the page:

2) There should then be an option to save it as a PDF file rather than printing it out physically. In Google Chrome, for instance, selecting the print option while on the HTML page will display something like this in the top left corner of the screen:

3) If you see the "Save as PDF" option selected in the "Destination" section, you can then click the blue "Save" button in order to save your MTA as a PDF file. If there is something else selected in the "Destination" section, press the grey "Change..." button to select the "Save as PDF" option manually. Then, click the blue "Save" button. 

If you do not see that option, it may be disabled in your browser settings. Once you enable it through those settings, you can then go back to the HTML MTA page and save it as a PDF using steps 1 through 3 above. 


Alternate Options

If you're using a different internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, please note that the steps for performing this function may be different. You may need to have a PDF viewing/editing program (such as Adobe's PDF software) installed on your computer in order for the "Save as PDF" option to be available in the browser. 

Even if you are unable to save your MTA as a PDF file through your internet browser, there is still an alternative method available to you. Using your computer's word processing software (such as Microsoft Word), copy and paste the contents of the HTML page into a new document. The software should then allow you to save that document as a PDF file. 

If all of the above options do not work for saving your MTA as a PDF file, we recommend working with your institution's IT department so that they can determine why these options are not available on your computer. 




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