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I want to get a virus from a Vector Core that is based off of a plasmid in your collection. Can I get an MTA without ordering the plasmid?

No, Addgene is not able to offer MTA-only services. However, we are often the fastest and easiest way of obtaining an MTA, so a vector core might direct you to Addgene for that purpose. Please note that we have no formal relationship with any vector core. If you prefer not to obtain your MTA through Addgene, you can instead contact the depositing lab directly to request an MTA.

To obtain an MTA through Addgene, you will need to go through the standard checkout process (see How to Order), and then Addgene will generate and send an MTA for your institution to approve. We will then process and ship the material to you and invoice you for the standard fees. If you need a copy of the completed MTA, we will be happy to provide that as well.

Addgene also offers ready-to-use virus based on select plasmids through our viral service.

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