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I ordered a virus from a vector core which is based on a plasmid in your collection- can I get an MTA from Addgene?

In order to obtain an MTA from Addgene for any item in our collection, you would need to place an order on our website, and your institution would need to sign the necessary agreements. 

If you prefer not to go through Addgene, your technology transfer or legal office can coordinate directly with the technology transfer office of the provider of the original material to set up an MTA.

  • As of 2016, Addgene offers ready-to-use virus based on select plasmids through our viral service.
  • We also have a new partnership with the University of Pennsylvania Vector Core (Penn Vector Core). Viral vectors previously available at Penn Vector Core are now being distributed through Addgene. Please note: when ordering one of these items through Addgene, a new MTA is required even if an order of the same viral vector has been previously fulfilled by the Penn Vector Core.
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