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Short-term plasmid storage

Bacterial Stabs

Addgene ships plasmids as bacterial stabs containing transformed E. coli. Upon receipt, stabs should be stored at 4°C. When stored at this temperature, the bacteria should be viable for at least two weeks.


DNA - Liquid or Filter Paper

Plasmids provided as DNA, in suspension or on filter paper, should be stored at 4°C for up to two weeks.  


For all plasmids requested from Addgene, it is recommended to create a glycerol stock and verify your plasmid, by diagnostic digest or Sanger sequencing, within this two week time frame. If you have difficulty growing the bacterial strain, or you identify a sequence discrepancy in your stock, please email within 30 days of receipt.


For a detailed overview of plasmid handling, please see our Plasmid Recipient Instructions.

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