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How long will it take for my MTA to be approved? Can I speed up the process?

Before we can move forward with the MTA approval for your order, we require that the Recipient Scientist complete an electronic acknowledgement to review the terms under which the materials will be transferred.

Once the Recipient Scientist Acknowledgement (RSA) is complete, we will send the MTA to either the scientist listed on the order or directly to the authorized office at your institution for approval.

The total amount of time it takes for MTA approval depends on how quickly the RSA is completed, and how quickly your institution approves the agreement and returns it to Addgene. Institutional approval times can vary from a few hours to a few weeks. To expedite the process, we encourage you to contact the office at your institution that is responsible for handling these agreements.

Addgene offers several different MTA approval options to help streamline the process. If you are interested in speeding up approval times at your institution, please have the authorized office at your institution contact us at

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