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Do you have full sequence for my plasmid?

In 2017, Addgene partnered with seqWell to begin performing Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) on new plasmids that were deposited with our repository. In most cases, this has allowed us to provide full plasmid sequence for each new plasmid. NGS full plasmid sequence data can be found under the heading “Full Sequences from Addgene” after clicking the Sequences link on the plasmid page. Sequencing data is then used to generate annotated plasmid maps using SnapGene’s sequence viewer software. In some cases, a full plasmid sequence is also provided by the depositing laboratory under the heading “Full Sequences from Depositor.”  

For many plasmids that were deposited prior to NGS implementation, only Sanger sequence verifying the plasmid insert is available. If it would be beneficial to your research to have the full sequence of a plasmid in our repository, please send a request to

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