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Plasmid verification

After isolating your new plasmid, Addgene recommends verifying the plasmid before beginning any experiments utilizing it. Addgene recommends verifying your plasmid by diagnostic digest or sequencing.

Addgene has provided information on how to select the proper restriction enzymes for your digest as well as a general protocol and troubleshooting tips. We also have information for Selecting or Designing Sequencing Primers and Analyzing Your Sequencing Results. Please contact Addgene within 30 days of receiving your plasmid if there is a problem.

  1. Perform a Diagnostic Digest - verify backbone and insert sizes

  2. Sequence your Plasmid - verify key regions of the plasmid using DNA sequencing and compare these to sequences those Addgene has performed on the plasmid.

Find more help on our blog for plasmid verification:

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